Software for Pilot Duty, Flight Bookings, Flight Dispatch, Mobile EFB tablet,  • Flight Operations Data, Bookings, Crew Records, Document Management, Pilot Logbook

Built Perfectly For Your Business

Finally, all your operational information in one place, up-to-date and accurate so that you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

Book A Flight

Gather your customers' booking requirements, create rate sheets, and build quotes. From there you can schedule flights and assign required aircraft and crew. FlightOffice makes all of this easy to accomplish from a simple screen.

Dispatch The Flight

Whether it's self-dispatch or a dedicated dispatcher, things such as crew records, recency, required experience, and flight and duty must be in order. FlightOffice makes it easy to ensure that all your flights are fully compliant.

Conduct The Flight

Various events occur such as engine start, take off, landings, gear or hook cycles, and other custom events. Those events are all captured on your phone or tablet using FlightOffice Mobile. FlightOffice makes a pilot's life easier.

Get The Flight Details

FlightOffice Mobile synchronizes with the rest of the system sending all flight and billing data back to home base. FlightOffice makes life easy by ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are, always has the latest information.

Get That Data In The Right Places

Pilot flight and duty, crew logbook, experience and currency, flight ticket, fuel and billing, aircraft journey log and maintenance, all updated automatically. FlightOffice automatically puts all the data in the right places.


FlightOffice is a centralized, web and mobile-based, inter-connected system. No more duplicate information in different places.

Flight Time, Duty and Rest

Simple flight time, duty and rest tracking and management. FlightOffice automatically monitors FTD and sends alerts before pilots reach limits.

Booking & Scheduling

Easily book flights, assign aircraft, crew, and customer. Send trip sheets to crew. Create crew schedules. Connect personal calendar to FlightOffice bookings to always be up-to-date.

Currency Records

Track and manage your crew records and currencies. Automatically calculates expiry dates and sends alerts when things are coming due.

Flight Log

Every detail from every flight in one place. A central place to collect all data about flights such as air time, landings, expenses, fuel, and more.


Using the smart phone, tablet or smart watch (coming soon) of your choice, our mobile app syncs automatically with the FlightOffice system ensuring that you get accurate, error-free, up-to-date data from remote locations.

Custom Features and Modules

We can work with you to build new modules and features specifically for your operations.

Document Management*

Powerful document management, fully integrated into FlightOffice mobile, includes features like version control, 'must-read' functionality and more.


Build quotes and rate sheets for bookings and customers.

Safety Management*

An SMS that is fully integrated into all aspects of your operations.

Flight Planning*

Easily plan every aspect of your flight such as fuel, weight & balance, destinations, weather, performance.

Learning and Testing*

Online training courses and testing for your crew, updating their records automatically.

*Coming Soon