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Why choose us?


30-day no hassle money back guarantee — if you don't like FlightOffice we don't want your money.


We know aviation — we are pilots and former aviation managers. We feel your pain and we know how to help because we've been there before.


We release a new version of FlightOffice every few weeks based on your feedback. FlightOffice keeps getting better and better.

Stress-free onboarding

We do it all for you. Send us all your data (documents scans, pictures of whiteboards, Excel™, etc.). We get your system fully set up and key in all your data for you. On day 1 you get a fully operational system, ready to use.

Live help

Built into FlightOffice, if you get stuck or need help with something, we're right there.

I started FlightOffice because, as a pilot and manager, I was tired of wasting my time dealing with the paperwork and administration nightmare.
Lee Johnson

Founder | CEO | CTO

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