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Eliminate paperwork and duplicated information, reduce costly errors and save money

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  • Duplicated information from multiple collection points
  • Time consuming, error-prone, manual processes
  • Hard to share information across the company
  • Don't have up-to-date information when you need it
  • Not meeting government/customer compliance audits
  • Workload for managers and employees is too high
  • Costs are too high

FlightOffice Helps Make Your Life Easier

Accurate and up-to-date

No duplicate information. Capture the information once and it's shared throughout the system, company-wide, error-free.

Beautiful and easy to use

Simple automated flight operations system that eliminates paperwork and manual processes. It just works.

Automatic tracking and alerting

Automatically tracks and manages your operations and alerts you when something needs your attention, ensuring that your operations are always audit-ready.

Less work, less stress, more profit

FlightOffice streamlines operations and eliminates paperwork, cutting costs and allowing you to spend time on the important things.

Flexible and customizable

Modular system that can be customized for your specific operations. Choose the stuff you need and none of the stuff you don't.

Works everywhere on everything

FlightOffice works on the Web and on mobile, even offline. It doesn't matter whether you use Apple®, Windows®, iPhone®, or Android®.

aviation software for aviation people

I love FlightOffice because they are aviation people so they understand our operations and how to solve our problems.

CEO at Helistar | GREECE

Modules & Features

  • Mobile
  • Charter Quote
  • Booking & Scheduling
  • Flight Log
  • Records & Currency
  • Flight Time & Duty
  • Reports

Key Features

  • Works offline and automatically syncs whenever there's an internet connection (iPhone®, Android®)
  • Easily create a Flight Log and a Flight Time & Duty entry in seconds
  • Always accurate — automatically calculates various flight times
  • Track currency events like night landings and IFR approaches
  • Snap pictures and attach documents and receipts to your Flight Log
  • Track expenses and refuels
Mobile, iPhone, Android, iOS app

Key Features

  • Customizable rate sheet for flight and other charges by different unit measurements, such as nautical mile, flight hour, passenger, number of sector etc.
  • Automatically calculate flight charges, taxes, and other charges
  • Email customizable PDF quote to customer
  • Book a flight from a quote — all flight details will be copied to the booking
  • Quote status screen to keep track of which quote has been sent, accepted or declined
charter quoting

Key Features

  • Book flights and assign aircraft and crew
  • Schedule aircraft maintenance & assign engineers
  • Create crew schedules
  • Add notes and attachments
  • Automatically notify crew about bookings, details, and trip sheet
  • Subscribe to bookings in Outlook, Apple Calendar and most other calendar apps (mobile and desktop)
flight, aircraft, and crew booking, scheduling, and rostering

Key Features

  • Customize flight log format based on operational needs
  • Captures various flight data such as flight and air times, pax, freight, fuel etc.
  • Track associated expenses
  • Add notes and attachments (receipt pictures, document scans, etc)
  • Export flight data for maintenance, accounting, etc.
  • Send a tracked electronic flight ticket to clients for approval
  • PDF export of flight ticket for billing
Flight Log, Flight Report, Trip Sheet

Key Features

  • Records for items such as medicals, line checks or any other items, including custom records
  • Automatically tracks currency items such as night landings, IFR approaches, etc. directly from the Flight Log
  • Auto-calculates the next due date based on customizable rules
  • Each crew can have different sets of records and aircraft-specific records
  • Managers and Crew receive email notifications for upcoming records
  • Add attachments such as photos or scans of documents
Crew currency records

Key Features

  • Customizable flight & duty rules for any country or company
  • Duty report is available to managers and auditors
  • Pilots can record flight time & duty and view history and limits
  • Managers can monitor company-wide flight & duty times
  • Approaching and exceeded limits are highlighted
  • Managers and the individual pilot are notified as they approach any limit
flight time, duty, and rest monitoring

Key Features

  • Beautiful PDFs and Excel® reports that can be printed, exported, and emailed
  • Filters so that you get the data you want
  • large report library to meet the needs of everyone in your company, and of your customers
Reports and reporting system

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crew currency records customer testimonial

I don't have to worry about anything. FlightOffice tracks all my crew currency records and sends out alerts when things are due.

Romain Vidy

Chief Pilot, at Helicraft | CANADA

The People Behind Great Aviation Software

We are pilots, former aviation managers, and software developers who are passionate about making aviation better. We built FlightOffice from the ground up using the latest cutting-edge technology and designed it to work the way we work.

I started FlightOffice because, as a pilot and manager, I was sick and tired of wasting my time dealing with paperwork and not having the information I wanted, when I wanted it.
Lee Johnson
Founder | CEO